Specialist Services



SINCE 1990

What do we mean by specialist building services? To answer that question, it’s best to take a look at some of the projects we’ve successfully completed over the years. Take Stevenson House for example. Stevenson House, just outside Haddington in East Lothian is a 16th century stone-built property which needed fully restored and with a high skill-level and a working knowledge of the building materials of the day.

Then we have the award-winning, passive eco-house in North Berwick. Built with energy conservation in mind, the eco-house is just another example of the diversity of specialist services offered by Reywood. And, we haven’t even mentioned the swimming pools and stable conversions…yet.

“An excellent company to work with” – Peter Ford, The Premium Bakery

The multi-award-winning passive eco-house

The multi-award-winning passive house in North Berwick, designed by architects Brennan & Wilson and built by Reywood, is just one example of the specialist building services we offer. Using construction principles developed in Germany, this ultra-eco house benefits from the following: Natural timber-frame construction, triple-glazing, recycled glass insulation, a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system to keep the air inside fresh, and photovoltaic panels which have not only reduced energy bills but delivered an income too. The home of the future today…built by Reywood.

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The Infirmary Street Baths conversion to Dovecot Gallery

The Infirmary Street baths, Edinburgh’s first public bathing pool opened in 1885 and after many years as a beloved swimming venue, finally closed in 1995. It was set to be demolished but luckily was rescued by Dovecot Studios and earmarked for a dramatic regeneration. Reywood undertook the £7m project and the resulting arts venue and gallery has, since it re-opened in 2009, been a RIAS Doolan Finalist and won a Roses Silver Award. It also featured in the 2010 Scottish shortlist for a prestigious RIBA award.

Just another example of the specialist building services offered by Reywood Construction. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you.